Ancient foundations for a healthy life.

Maintain your yoga practice while you travel. 

Reconnect with the purpose of your personal yoga practice. 

African-Centered Yoga

I am certified in the Yogaskills Method of  Kemetic Yoga (YSM) and teach yoga from the ancient Kemetic tradition. 

Weekly classes are taught at two locations in Chicago, IL. 

Psychology-informed Yogi Development

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I provide support to all yogis in  deepening their personal practice. Psychology tools can help in growing healthy habits. Check out some of the online workshops!

Learning Resources

I am a dedicated student of Kemetic Yoga and culture. I share my learning experiences, book reviews, and my insights towards deeper understanding of ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) spirituality in my blog, "Dig & Discover".

I also write about ways that yoga can improve mental health. I would love for you to join me on this journey. 

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