Kemetic Yoga™ is the ancient Egyptian system based upon the practices of physical movements combined with controlled deep breathing and meditation. The modern version of this ancient system was developed from primary research conducted by Dr. Asar Hapi and Master Yirser Ra Hotep (Elvrid Lawrence) of Chicago during the 1970s. 

My Yoga Story

I'll always remember the first time I cried in Sahu pose (resting posture at the end of yoga class). I came to yoga when I was faced with a medical diagnosis that made it dangerous for me to work out with running and weight training the way I was used to. I had been an athlete most of my life with basketball playing a central role in my identity and development. I was heart broken to learn I had these limitations. I was very fortunate to be introduced to yoga in a studio that takes this practice seriously and approached it holistically. No mirrors. No music. We learned about the meaning of yoga and that it is not just an exercise for the body. I fell in love. I grew. I learned to listen to my body again and recognized that I had lost my voice in the hustle and bustle of getting my graduate degree and trying to get by.


After healing and recovering, I tried every kind of yoga I could get access to. And Kemetic Yoga is the one that speaks to who I am and my desire to connect to the root of knowledge. Kemetic yoga allows me to  return to the source of myself through  this ancient self-healing practice. I'll always remember the fist time I cried in Sahu pose because I knew I had found something that would be part of me for the rest of my life and beyond.


My focus on ancient African tradition does not negate what we have learned from India. It simply shares with the world that there are roots to this practice much older than most people are aware of. Please join me on this learning journey.

Grounded Yoga is devoted to contributing to the intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth and liberation of people by leaning on Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) spiritual philosophy and modern psychological science. We provide educational resources in the form of workshops, email courses, casual scholarship, and yoga classes to develop a meaningful personal yoga practice, and refine the spiritual aspects of the practice with ancient Kemetic, African principles. People who seek to deepen the spiritual and historical understanding of yoga and holistic healthy living can benefit from the Grounded Yoga community and educational materials.

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