What Symbols Are You Giving Power To?

January 18, 2018

We surround ourselves with symbols all the time. All things have the potential to represent something other than the concrete function they serve or the obvious meaning. Without overthinking or paralyzing ourselves, there is tremendous value in considering the symbols we give power to by examining them and choosing them carefully. Every physicist will tell you that objects have an energy and when we are aware of what energy is evoked by an object we can use that to our advantage. To lead by example, I'd like to explain the meaning of the symbols that I chose to represent Grounded Yoga. I hope this also serves as a way for you to become acquainted with the mission and vision for this site.


For one, palm leaves are a recurring theme for Grounded Yoga, specifically date palms. You can see several of these leaves in the logo itself. The symbol of the date palm leaf represents the longevity of the knowledge and wisdom our ancestors developed. The date palm is associated with the nTr (goddess) Het-Heru (Hathor), the representation of life, joy, music, dancing and fertility.

Our yoga and health practices are further informed by the words in one of the many versions of the Book of Coming Forth by Day (Egyptian Book of the Dead),  “In a clean place shall I sit on the ground. Beneath the foliage of a date palm of the nTr Het-Heru…”. Sitting in a clean space under the protection and guidance of this nTr is how we want to practice breathing, postures, and calming the mind. 

In addition, the blog for Grounded Yoga,  “Dig & Discover” is represented by an image of an ibis bird, which is also a representation of Tehuti (Thoth). 

Obviously, any marketing professional will tell you how important it is to be thoughtful and “on brand” with logos. But there is something deeper to that than “just business.”  An accurate reflection of our ancestors beliefs in our symbolism and the objects and things we surround ourselves with is as meaningful as we make it. Be thoughtful in your selections. The ability to use symbolic language is a unique and wonderful aspect of being human. Use it! 


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