Self-Care Visionaries


Saturday, 10/19/19, 10.15am-12.30pm

Fuller Park, Chicago, IL

Does your self-care game need an upgrade? Let's re-invigorate your vision for self-care and reimagine what your healthiest life can look like. Creating a clear vision is an important step in reaching our goals.

We’ll settle into the Fuller Park auditorium for some light yoga and meditation to clear the mind and shift our focus inward, so that you can listen to yourself and what you need without distractions. Our yoga sequence, led by Dr. Rebecca Hubbard, will be very beginner friendly. We have mats that you can use, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. Tea and water will be available
to refresh you after the yoga portion of the event.

Once your body and mind are calm and clear, we’ll have everything ready for you to create your new vision of self-care by crafting a vision board with some support and tips from Arielle Smith. Don’t know where to start? We got you covered with lots of ideas and materials. We’ll debrief and exchange inspirations and challenges for bringing your self-care vision to life.

Tickets are $37 in advance online or $40 at the door the day of the event (cash only for folks paying at the door). Please wear comfortable clothing for the yoga portion. Yoga mats and all vision board materials are provided!

Kemetic Yoga Series at Haji Healing Salon


Haji Healing Salon is delighted to announce the return of our ROOT Kemetic Yoga Series with Dr. Rebecca Hubbard + Frank Mitchell! Join us Saturdays 9.30-10:45am for this beautiful practice.

Participants learn Kemetic Yoga postures + sequences while leaning into the ancient Egyptian philosophy + spirituality that informs this grounding and affirming practice.

The slow, controlled movements along with the power of the breath create beautiful opportunities to tune in and connect with the messages our ancestors left for us on the temple walls and papyri of ancient Kemet. Allow a little time for tea, questions and dialogue with our instructors and community post-practice to aid in your absorption. Frank and Rebecca co-lead this series alternating Saturdays.

Yoga mats and props are provided, though students are welcome to bring their own.

Commit to 8-Weeks of practice for $85 or drop-in to the classes that fit your schedule for $12.

Kemetic Yoga at Fuller Park


Kemetic Yoga aids in relaxation, stress management, balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. In addition, the postures help you connect to ancient wisdom of our Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) ancestors. 

Join us for Yoga every Wednesday at 6pm at Fuller Park Field House. This class is open to all Fuller Park members and you can sign up for a 3-month park membership for only $45! Mats are provided. Our class is very beginner friendly and ideal for people who want to balance out their workout with this self-healing, relaxing practice. Click the button below for to register with the Park District and more info (type in "fuller" into the search bar)!

Self Care Workshop: Recharge & Redirect Your Energy

Somehow taking care of yourself always moves to the back burner. Maybe your job is to take care of other people. You're a therapist, teacher, yoga instructor, physical therapist, chiropractor, or nurse. As caretakers of others, we have a RESPONSIBILITY to care for ourselves regularly. Join us for this calming 2 hour workshop to do just that: care for yourself. The workshop includes: 

  • information on how Kemetic Yoga can help you focus and conserve your energy

  • a 45 minute Kemetic Yoga session

  • a problem-solving workshop on how to build in more self care into your work day, EVEN if you work in a place that does not necessarily support your self care  (sad, I know).  

  • guided meditation

This workshop occurred in June. If you are interested in having this workshop at your workplace, contact Rebecca to arrange! 

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