Grow Your Personal

Yoga, Meditation, and Self-Care Practices

These workshops and courses are designed for all practitioners of yoga to deepen the meaning and consistency of their personal yoga practice. I also offer resources to enhance your daily self-care. 

Build More Self-Care into Your Day


Make self-care the habit, not the exception. This workbook includes exercises and resources in self-care, but most importantly, a process for how to find time for these activities in your day. You will be able to find more time for self-care, even if your environment does not support self-care practices. 

Grow Your Home Yoga Habit

$47.00/month for 6 months

You have your favorite yoga YouTube channel, DVD, or mobile app ready. You have your mat an any props you need ready to go. And yet, you are not on your mat as often as you would like. Developing a new habit to use those resources can be hard! This online course provides you with psychological tools and the community you need to develop a habitual home yoga practice that withstands life changes and fluctuations in motivation, mood, and circumstances. By signing up you receive:


  • 7 content rich and simple lessons in building a new healthy yoga habit straight to your email inbox

  • Handouts and worksheets that you can use to set yourself up for success in developing home yoga habits

  • A 6 month membership in our exclusive Facebook group to give you access to community support which is crucial to building discipline for yoga.

  • Facebook Live streams from me once each week to trouble shoot and find psychologically healthy ways to maintain your yoga habit.


This course does NOT teach yoga techniques or philosophy. I will not talk you through or demonstrate yoga poses. We focus on how to build the habit to support the type of yoga that suits you best. 


This course is for you if

  • You enjoy going to yoga class and want to deepen your practice at home

  • You’ve attempted to do more yoga at home but have trouble developing that habit

  • You practiced yoga at home regularly in the past, but fell out of your routine and want to rejuvenate your home practice

  • You want to connect with others who practice yoga at home and give and receive support in reaching your yoga goals.


This course is NOT for you if

  • You are an absolute beginner to yoga and have never taken a class with a yoga teacher in-person

  • You dislike learning things online

  • You dislike interacting with people on social media

  • You are okay with your yoga practice only taking place in studios with an in-person instructor

  • You are looking for an online yoga class

Explore the Purpose of YOUR Yoga


Sign up for a free mini-workshop to re-commit to your yoga practice. Clarify your purpose and goals for your practice. Set goals for yoga that align with your purpose and will help you focus!

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